My Space Simulator Project

The whole Universe in your hands!

Here I present the Space Simulator videogame I am working on: Nova Voyager

Explore the universe travelling among the stars, fly and land on amazing procedural planets, fight and survive in the wild outer space!


  • Interplanetary and Interstellar SEAMLESS Travels
  • Transfer from orbit to land without gaps
  • Stars, Planets and Distances in REAL SCALE!
  • Over 200.000 Real Stars To Explore full of Planets and Celestial Objects
  • Solar System with real Planets and realistic orbits
  • Millions of procedurally generated Exoplanets
  • Universe full of objects: Space Stations, Ground Stations, Runways, Cities
  • Choose to be a Trader, a Pirate, a Mercenary or whatever you want!
  • Realistics atmospheric flying dynamics
  • Seamless transition from orbit to land
  • ...and much more features coming soon!

Space Simulator Videogame screenshot

For more information and screenshots please visit the page:

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